Childlike Imagination

Do you remember what it was like to have a childlike imagination? Like when you saw a roaring dinosaur in the clouds, have adventures with your imaginary friend, and brought your toys to life?

Well, GE is taking consumers down memory lane with its new child-narrated commercial. The 60-second ad guides viewers through various mystical stories of GE inventions from a child’s point of view.

The mastermind behind this creation is an imaginative 6-year-old girl whose mother works at GE. She takes what – at first glance – seems to be boring, corporate technologies, engines, and innovations and gives them humanizing characteristics. The result: underwater fans powered by the moon, talking airplanes, and miniature hospitals.

The spot reclaims imagination and seeks to inspire creativity in adult viewers. It’s amazing what happens when you put imagination to the test. What would happen if you put your imagination to work at your job?

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Chicago: The Fridge-Friendly City

What’s an old fridge to you? Well, to artists in Chicago, it’s more than a smelly old fridge. It’s a recycled piece of art that can be re-created for countless new uses: a cell phone station, a doghouse, a bike rack, a camera, and the list goes on.

The bulky and not-so-cold displays will leave you in utter amazement. The newly decorated refrigerators were set up around the Chicago downtown area to promote the Illinois power company ComEd’s recycling program. The power company will give willing participants money for the old iceboxes and pick them up too.

They call this unique and eco-friendly campaign MetamorFridges. Catchy, huh? Let’s use MetamorFridges as a motivational tool and try encouraging others to reuse old items instead of polluting the Earth and throwing (what seems like) everything away.

What do you have at home that can be transformed and used as something else? How about using an old wooden entertainment center to create a dog bed, children’s play kitchen, or shelving area? Tweet us some of your ideas @brunetgarcia, using the hashtag #recycledart.

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Pay It Forward

An advertising stunt in Norway resulted in a number of good samaritans standing in the shivery snow, short-sleeved and gloveless. To spread awareness of Syrian children in need, SOS Children Villages Norway performed a stunt that may strengthen your faith in humanity as you watch strangers willing to help young Johannes.

Johannes, an 11-year-old actor, sat at a bus stop alone and shivering without a coat for two long, snowy days. SOS Children Villages Norway planted a hidden camera across the street to film the reactions of bystanders.

When bystanders asked why Johannes did not have a coat, he told them that his coat was stolen on a school trip. Surprisingly, the responses are touching. Strangers offered Johannes their own coats, gloves, and scarves. Only 3 of 25 bystanders did not try helping Johannes.

The goal of the hidden camera event was to get people thinking about crisis situations that don’t necessarily touch or affect them directly – like Syrian children in need.

What would you do if you saw a freezing boy at a bus stop? Do you think the reactions would be the same in America?

See the inspiring reactions below!

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“You’ve got to be Shipping Me!”

A clever video has recently gone viral and is creating a mysterious buzz in the ad industry. The video shows UPS and other delivery services carrying what seems to be a regular shipping box.

The twist? A frontal message displaying the words “DHL is Faster!” in bold, red font. Essentially, this walking advertisement, or mobile billboard gives a shady impression about envious competitors.

Is DHL behind this ingenious approach of competitive advertising? DHL claims this was not initiated by DHL but was a “stunt” by an external agency. No matter whose hands are dirty, it’s safe to say that delivery services are going to start inspecting packages before carrying them around town.

But how did this happen without their acknowledgement? In the video below, the creators demonstrate the process of how the boxes were made and delivered. The “stunt” was accomplished by wrapping the boxes in thermo-active foil. The foil hides the message when cooled, ultimately revealing it when thawed!

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Caribou Coffee Warms the Hearts of Fans

Do you drink Caribou Coffee? Well now’s the time to start! After you’ve seen the brand’s wonderfully executed marketing campaigns, you might want to enjoy a cup.

Caribou Coffee has acquired social media buzz due to some unique and engaging advertising schemes. Caribou is taking coffee to an out-of-home experience and consumers are digging it…or sipping it, per se.

In January, Caribou Coffee launched an advertising stunt and began heating bus shelters in Minneapolis. The bus shelter “guerrilla advertising” promoted the new “hot breakfast sandwiches” campaign. The shelters were made to mirror the look of an oven while also conveniently providing warmth to commuters.

So what is Caribou Coffee doing now? Well, walk into the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., and see for yourself! There is a giant, five-story Pinterest board towering over local shoppers.

Caribou used images from fans to inspire a new coffee line, “Real Inspiration Blend.” The interactive board is filled with the fan images.

Two television screens on the Pinterest board display fan photos, and fans can go up to the board and take photographs with props. They can also interact with a gigantic cup of coffee, while enjoying a free, hot, freshly brewed cup of their own.

These ideas are unique, refreshing, and creative. I have yet to see competing coffee brands advertise like this (looking at you, Starbucks). Check out the live interaction below:

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