Optimizing social media accounts – professional and personal

On the edge of my seat I waited for the Account Executive to be named for my first real campaign project with an actual client. College had been enlightening so far, but collaborating with an established client is what I needed to better understand the process involved in launching a campaign.

“…And heading the Florida Heritage Book Festival project is Leslie.” As my teacher spoke a smile emerged inside. ‘Some real practice,’ I thought. That whole semester I worked diligently planning, keeping in contact with stakeholders, and implementing strategic processes. College became more hands on then ever. I mean, true, I’ve taken social and digital media classes, where reading the latest on AdAge and posting a weekly blog was a must, but this… this was helpful.

Through various brainstorm sessions with my group, we decided to put into operation a few of Google’s numerous applications. Through the use of Google AdWords, and the many outlets it offers, like Bots, Analytics and Webpage managers, the semester’s intense workload slowly began transforming into a brain tantalizing learning experience. The web is a large place, with powerful tools in every nook and cranny… learning how to use those instruments, though, was propelling.

Throughout the semester and semester’s following, search engine optimization (SEO) intrigued me. What’s more hectic and bustling than a city sidewalk as the sun rises? The World Wide Web as the sun is setting. Each and every social media site clambers with thousands upon thousands of users with many searching for answers, information, people, or just a laugh. The task of corralling some of these users to your site, however, is where it gets tricky.

During my research I’ve stumbled upon some helpful hints companies use to boost SEO. The following 6 tips will help you enhance your social media presence without adding endless amounts of time and work to your already frenzied day.

1.   Content marketing.  The single best way to boost search engine optimization. Don’t just post your opinions in a blog – add a picture of yourself, your dog, or your business’s recent accomplishment. The more tags attached to your post, the more people you can potentially reach.

2.   Be aware of Googlebots. Googlebots’ main job is to scan new or recently edited pages in order to correctly add them to Google’s index. It detects links and uses them as the bases for their understanding and engagement of the site. If you have a fairly new site and are unsure if Google search even knows you are up and running, then try having your site “crawled” by these “spiders.”

3.   Post a lot, just not too much. You don’t want readers searching for too long, OR immediately clicking the red “x” at the top of the page because they are overwhelmed. Find a balance. If people cannot find recent and relevant information on your site, then they are not likely to return. Adversely, posting more than seven times a week can be on the grating side. 

4.   Stay up to date. According to Business 2 Community, every 9-24 months the amount of content on the Internet DOUBLES. Yes, you want to release information on a consistent basis, however, you want the information to be applicable. Distribute information that is not only interesting to you and your organization, but that will also make the person whose favorite thing to do on the web is click actually stop and look.

5.   Consider a content curator. There are a tremendous amount of platforms in 2015 that allow you to create one post and have it delivered to the Internet across multiple accounts. “Hootsuite” and “If This Then That” are just a couple of the many social media management systems that allow for easy employment of consistent brand identity.

6.   Be creative. ALWAYS be on the look out for ways to get your message across and your name out there. Whether it is experimenting with video, Prezi, or GIFs, there will continue to be a “new and improved” way to deliver your content.

All in all, POST, POST, POST. Some of my personal suggestions? Post your favorite link to FunnyorDie.com, record a comical video of you and coworkers, or share a heartwarming story from your town. Above all, don’t let your social media accounts slip under the radar.

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