Novembeard or Noshavember

No matter what you call it, a hairy hairy revolution is sweeping the country for no reason at all. Novembeard, or Noshavember, is a popular month for college-aged males. And it looks like the trend is growing to include all men old enough to shave.


This manly celebration begins in November, the month to celebrate by not shaving. If you make it through Novembeard you can continue your no-shaving commitment into Decembeard. And of course there is also Manuary. Manuary is yet another way for men to celebrate being manly by not shaving – this time for the whole year. Each year this movement grows in popularity and becomes more organized.


There are now websites, facebook groups and twitter feeds dedicated to Novembeard and its followers. The combination of peer pressure, social networking and clever names might make this an annual tradition for all males. So are you in or are you out?

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